Hi. Welcome to my website: Benjamin C. DeGraff also known as Ox Cohen. I think you will like the music I have made for you to offer to. It is not mainstream entirely though there are influences from more than one genre. I have had my music in documentary series I have had some of it in various environments. I started out with guitar. Studied Jazz and Classical in a Performing Arts High School and College and have payed in bands, performed at some well known establishments.But now work on solo music making. I am influenced mainly by Rock, Alternative, Alternative Rock, Blues, Jazz and Classical and some more. Though I really think that the music of mine is great for meditation, and even the more rock orientated songs have a calming relaxing and thoughtful effect on who's listening. It's great for the car especially to calm in anxious environments and help you center and focus and is great for reducing road rage.I think you will find them unique and good to listen to. I hope you give it a shot and I think you will find at least one track if not more that you will be happy to have purchased.