Ambience and Time Travel by Music 

There are sometimes we listen to music by ourselves. Sometimes in a group…sometimes at a party or an outdoor gathering or wherever at particular instances. 

What does the world sound like without music? It sounds like everything that you hear except music itself. Sometimes that’s good other times it is almost horrible. 

It just seems to be that music is basically one of the most important things in life. No wonder certain people are so passionate about music itself and what their favorite bands and composers are. 

Music is close to being transcendental if it is something that moves you and something you prefer to listen to. It has the power to calm and move and also to take you to other places beyond the static ticking of the seconds on a clock. You can lose yourself all to easily to the certain sounds that you hear. 

Words and numbers can put restraining edicts on you, but music resembles a type of liberating quality. Music can play and dance around time with it’s different beats and time signatures and places of harmony and melody where it puts them. 

Even if music is recorded and put on a cd or in an mp3 player it has the same presence of a clock because what is sent out is sound though what propels it is not as physical. 

It has always been interesting to me that sometimes when you walk into a place such as a hotel, supermarket, or club that you feel immediately aware of the environment by the music that plays when you first walk in that place. If you would walk in with no music, all that you would hear is people talking either in a murmur or loudly such as a social kind of commotion. But it is like an anesthetic when you just walk in and the music is playing. If it is something you like you immediately feel a  good vibration of the place but if it is  a song or tune you dislike then it can set you in a defensive way and might even direct you to leave. Though they maybe examples of coincidences some will take it as a cue to enter or leave a place. It seems that there is a lot of music that falls into the middle category where you neither dislike or like it but it will do for that time that you are in that particular place and that is a good thing because if all music fell in to a category of either intense dislike or intensely preferable there would be no middle ground and that could be a jarring thing to have to go through. 

Sometimes it’s music that is unfamiliar but non-intrusive that can be of great comfort in certain situations. The sound waves are considered to be actually physical by some estimation although it does not move at the speed of light. 

I think that what a lot of these kind of instances relate to is the theory about time travel. 

It at least poses a theory I would think. And what I am trying to say is that just as time shifts for people when listening to music as does a good time, it differentiates itself from the ticking of a clock which if accurate gives the sound of the measure of true seconds. 

Another example is sitting in silence. We can also lose track of time in the type of silence we experience, but music seems to move, it has motion even if is ambient or relaxation music, there still is a rate in which the music or sound moves. It poses that time travel exists at least in a concept even if it is occurring in our heads. Light also moves a distance but all laws of physical energies and things has proved to be able to be manipulated. 

Even though a song is crafted from a start to finish and there are many changes of notes and sounds in a song, the changes are manipulations of sound until it is finished and it is put on a medium such as  a cd or computer. Mantras may be example of sound that does not change it’s note but the note can be changed anytime. 

Whether you are traveling through time with your favorite song or going in your mind and trying to travel through time, you will have to admit that music is usually the best antidote.


Ambient and Progressive 

Ambient Rock and Progressive Rock Music Albums 

This is an attempt of a comparison between ambient rock music album and progressive rock music album. 

They may seem in some ways perhaps different but they both share at least one thing in common in that for one, they are a fusion of more than one style of a kind of music and style, two, they are pioneers in the frontiers of making music that is not easily categorized,nor  is easy to define although they are given the names ambient rock music and progressive rock music. 

They seem like two different avenues stretching through a town not necessarily crossing but in and around the same vicinity. 

A lot of albums are sort of amazing in that there is a theme usually or at least a progression from the beginning to the end of each album. A lot of times we can hear a song we like but may be in the dark of truly lies on the rest of the album. A lot of progressive rock albums are full of themes or they have some kind of concept or rather their entire album might be conceptual. It seems to follow the music and the usual kind of prowess of their instruments and technique and music theory that provides the ammunition to make an album a conceptual album from it’s beginning to it’s end. At least their might be themes within each song wether or not the entire album is conceptual. 

Ambient Rock might also vary between having an album a conceptual album or wether the songs are more of a collection of individual songs and sounds. Where as Ambient rock music might focus on sound and ambience and atmosphere, progressive rock might focus more on the actual notes and as well chords that are played. 

An ambient music artist might be the main decision maker in a band though it is very difficult to see behind the scene of an ambient rock music album. 

Sometimes, both ambient, ambient rock and progressive as well as progressive rock make a bit of instrumental music. Concerning this, ambient rock and progressive rock music are considered instrumental music artists all in the category of both ambient and progressive rock. 

Ambient rock and progressive rock that is also instrumental are some of the exciting and interesting of instrumental rock music. At least they have an arsenal of music, music theory and the instruments to assist them thus then depending on their technical skills for their instruments and the songwriting ability that each possesses. 

Though their are some similarities including ambient and progressive rock music there are also some differences. In some ways they may seem to have nothing to do with each other. In fact they are two streams which seem to begin close but veer away far from one another. What keeps things fresh and where they seem to be similar is in their novel approaches when they try and do things in their own way but differently as in new ambient rock music and new ambient rock artists. When a good progressive rock music album comes out and is inventive it is always a great listen but they both seem to depend on something and that may be to keep coming up with new approaches and a different and new way of creating their songs and albums. 

The similarity between new ambient rock music, ambient rock music and progressive rock music is the skill and boldness in finding new ways to make music and new ways to create their sounds. 

Once a kind of array of sounds exists both for ambient and progressive rock music, sometimes it’s hard to veer away from it, because it is a signature or brand if you will for each kind of music. There are exceptions, but that is one thing keeps a band or artist bonded to their created kind of sound. That being the case, still in terms of songwriting there is also a bounded phenomena but in both case their are exceptions where a band can and does break free of any not needed constraints.